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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight Show and social media

The long awaited Tonight Show takeover by Jimmy Fallon took place on Monday, and Jimmy proved to the world exactly why he is the perfect host. His infectious personality raked in about 11.3 million people for the premiere episode. The whole week he has had incredible guests and musical performances, including Will Smith, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Many people may ask what exactly he has to offer coming in to the Tonight Show, and the answer to that would be his ability to connect with his audience, especially through social media.

On his previous show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy would do weekly hashtag contests about either a funny topic or something to do with holiday seasons. Since this gave him the ability to engage directly with his fans, he decided to carry over the weekly hashtag tradition to the Tonight Show. Through his weekly hashtag segment, he is able to utilize Twitter to the best of his ability and get fans excited about his new show.
Picture received from: latenightwithjimmyfallon.com

Jimmy Fallon is very active on Twitter, with a whopping 8.5 million followers. Part of his success on the social media site is due to the fact that it is actually Jimmy Fallon tweeting. It’s possible that his audience can read his tweets and picture the comedian saying these funny bits on television. It feels as though he is having a one-on-one conversation with you personally, which is what makes his interaction so special. He is constantly being true to himself, on television and social media, and that is why he has such a huge fan following.

The Tonight Show host also likes to pay homage to his favorite social media site through his funny #Hashtag sketches. The skit, which he has done twice with Justin Timberlake and Jonah Hill, feature the comedian and his famous friends talking in hashtags. It is so true to real life situations, because people that are a part of this social media generation actually interact like that. Jimmy Fallon is able to take something that is such a big part of our social world, and make it funny and relatable to an audience of all ages.

Picture retrieved from: ibtimes.com

In the months leading up to his long awaited Tonight Show debut, Jimmy took to Twitter and Instagram to tease what was to be expected on his new show. Viewers of the previous Tonight Show with Jay Leno were not engaging on social media, so Jimmy Fallon and his team positioned the show for social media dominance. According to RelishMIX, Fallon’s team increased Tonight Show engagement in the seven days following Leno’s departure by 12.3 times.

It is even rumored that Fallon’s ability to connect with his audience on social media is one of the reasons he replaced Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. With Jimmy Fallon on board at the Tonight Show, NBC can still keep its traditional media roots while incorporating a new, younger audience that is engrossed in the world of social media. Jimmy Fallon has definitely proven that he deserves to be the new Tonight Show host, and is planning to stick around for a while. The comedian, actor, dancer and singer has been captivating his audience since Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and plans to captivate a new one on the Tonight Show. The man is a legend on television and social media, which is a great combination for the generation that we live in today. I look forward to seeing what else Jimmy Fallon has to offer.


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